Education with IPAD

Teaching and learning with IPADs

Parents support the I-Pad interactive educational programme.
The Near East College introduced the I-Pad interactive educational programme to a large group of parents emphasising the use of Apple technology in and out of the classroom. This was done at the Near East University library.Importance was given to the fact that the Near East College would be the first
school in Northern Cyprus to start using this programme in Year 6 and Year 9 classes.

According to the statement made by the Near East University press andpublic relations department, The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, assistantassociate professor Irfan S.Günsel made the announcement and The Near East College Headmaster Işılay Arkan, The Near East University General Secretary Yeter Tabur, The Near East College assistant headmasters, a Member of the Board of Directors Ahmet Savaşan and the Head of the Pediatrics Department Prof.Dr Nerin Bahçeliler were also present.

After watching the introductory film prepared for the parents, The Near East College Headmaster Işılay Arkan;stated he was happy to share the news of yet another important step taken by The Near East College. He added that this step should be seen as a revolution not only for the students of The Near East College but also for the whole of Northern Cyprus. The use of I-pads in this interactive educational programme he said, will improve the education given.

Ahmet Savaşan stated in his speech that, the changes brought into our lives by technology are inevitable and that using technology in every area of our lives and knowing how to use this technology is essential. Therefore, an important part of education is to mould students into individuals who have the necessary requirements and knowledge of this technology. He added that it is impossible not to form an interactive learning environment in this new modern era where the use of internet and computers create a competitive environment allowing us to follow the changes and advances made around the world. He said that with this perspective, he aims to lift all boundaries of time and place in
education at The Near East University. The starting point of this change he added is with the I-pad interactive educational programme at The Near East College,where the students,bearing in mind their talents and skills, will have more alternatives to choose from as they will be learning from the main source wherever and whenever they choose to, putting an end to falling behind and missing lessons due to absenteeism.

Directing and evaluating students with student participation
Savaşan stated that this new application will make sharing resources easier giving unlimited opportunities to students by saying “It will be easier to direct , control and evaluate students encouraging the student to participate more.
Reaching future goals becomes easier and faster with new methods.
Savaşan emphasized that with new methods, reaching goals while covering the curriculum will become easier and faster. It will complete education by decreasing the volume of resources and materials meanwhile increasing the content and potential.

The Positive affect on teacher – Student relationships

Ahmet Savaşan added that using IPADs will save time by giving room to more practical exercises and less theoretical work, therefore forming a more positive student based classroom where the students will have the opportunity to share and be creative.

Lessons are more beneficial and enjoyable with IPADS
In conclusion Savaşan stated that lessons are more beneficial and enjoyable with the use of IPADs.
Following this the head of the Department of Pediatrics Prof. Dr. Nerin Bahçeliler emphasized the fact that carrying heavy schoolbags has been known to physical problems hinder a childs physical development leading to future health problems. Bahçeliler concluded that the Near East College’s introduction to the use of IPADs as opposed to text books will avoid such health problems .
Our school teachers Çiğdem Ozan and Hüseyin Özkeser then demonstrated the use of IPADs in the classroom.
Finally parents were given the opportunity to ask questions after which they expressed their support of the Near East Colleges proposed new IPAD-assisted learning implementation.

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