In the library, enriched with numerous books and the internet facility (web access), both students and the teaching staff are able to establish direct contact with global information and data, hence the means of research and study.


In our College, all required technical facility like web access and computers, Physics, Biology and Chemistry Labs are available. Our eager and knowledgeable students create award-winning projects with hectic newspaper coverage.


NEC students and teachers have the means of holding a variety of sports activities in the multi-purpose hall while arts students and teachers may hold their own activities at the same hall’s atelier. The hall is also suitable for folk dancing.


In the gymnasium, a variety of sports activities can be held including basketball, volleyball, handball and football. It is a gymnasium which provides for the full implementation of curricular responsibility. It also includes the means development tests. Additions to the facility are gymnastics and a dance hall. There are also an open air football pitch, a sandbox and a 200-metre racetrack.


Our swimming pool is open to public all day long, between 8 am to 8 pm. It operates under the expertise of 19 experienced coaches. There are a number of courses on swimming, water polo, tower jump and diving. There are different courses for a variety of age groups. A total of 5,959 people have learned swimming in this pool between 1997 and 2007. The NEU makes travel arrangements including accommodation and transport to other countries for camping.

  • The Olympic swimming pool was opened on 9 May 1997.
  • It is built on 2,700 square metres of land. It is 16 metres in height and 50×21 in width.
  • It has a water capacity of 3,100 tonnes.
  • It has central heating.
  • It can hold an audience of 1,000 people.
  • It has towers of 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 metres height.
  • It has modern internal furnishings.
  • It has a decent café.
  • It is the first Olympic swimming pool on the whole of the island.

Pool Management:
Near East University Campus
POB: 670, Lefkoşa, TRNC (via Mersin 10, Turkey)
Tel: 223 6464/240
Fax: 223 6461


In order to use the facility, a health report has to be obtained from our Health and Fitness Centre, which involves examination by a doctor and a fitness test performed in the performance lab.
In the 2000square-metre Centre, there are:

  •  A fitness hall
  •  A performance test lab
  •  A multi-purpose sports hall
  •  A dance hall
  •  The Vitamin Bar & Café
  •  A health unit

This implies that one can take part in the sports activities under the watch of a doctor and an expert coach.

In the Performance Lab, you can:

  • Have a physical sufficiency test designed especially for you
  • Get special nutrition programmes
  • Have cardio-vascular work programmesIn the Performance Lab, you can:
  • Have a physical sufficiency test designed especially for you
  • Get special nutrition programmes
  • Have cardio-vascular work programmes

Facilities you can make use of:

  • Test your personal sufficiency and work towards its improvement
  • Testing of active sportsmen and teams’ ability levels, guidance towards betterment and checks
  • Physical convenience tests
  • The ability to work under the control of medical doctors
  • Tests for branch-related endurance, power, speed, flexibility, reaction etc.
  • Arrangement of workouts on individual basis or on basis of teams
  • Endurance and performance tests designed for teams, follow-up tests

This hall provides:

  • Made-to-measure, computer supported weight-loss programmes
  • Weight-gain programmes
  • Keep fit programmes
  • Body building programmes

In the HEALTH UNIT, there is:

  • An expert internist
  • An orthopaedist
  • A cardiology specialist
  • A medical practitioner
  • A nurse

I this unit, NEU students, personnel and teaching staff can have examination, treatment, first aid; blood tests, ECG, and cholesterol tests free of charge. It has an ambulance.

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