Our Curriculum

The Near East College is a secondary school institution  which provides education in accordance with the national curriculum. Students graduate from our college with diplomas endorsed by the TRNC Ministry of Education.

Student admissions are based on entrance examinations taken after the completion of year 5 in primary school. The most successful students receive a scholarship for the duration of their secondary school education. At the Near East College, all lessons in years 6, 7 and 8 – except cultural lessons – are in English when students are given basic knowledge in the sciences and maths. Intensive English lessons, (13 hours a week) bring the standard of English to a very high level.In social studies lessons, the emphasis is on history and geography and learning a second language (French or German) is compulsary. Our full day education enables our college to provide remedial and supplementary afternoon lessons.

Once year 8 has been completed, students choose either the GCE or ÖSS curriculum. At this stage, our college accepts year 9 transter students from other schools subject to an interview and examination.

Students wishing to continue their higher education in the UK or other countries follow the GCE curriculum (Science or Arts) in English, whereas those planning to attend local universities or universities in Turkey follow the ÖSS curriculum programme where lessons are conducted in Turkish.

GCE students in year 9 and 10 follow the UK curriculum and take IGCSE examinations. Students who are successful in these examinations continue with GCE “A”levels (the qualification for entrance to faculties of UK universities)  in years 11 and 12. Students are also prepared for the IELTS examination – a requirement for foundation courses in UK universities. At the same time, TOEFL and SAT courses are provided for students aiming for admission to USA universities.

In ÖSS, students are involved in an intensive university preparation programme. Although lessons are mainly in Turkish, English lessons continue. In some respect, our ÖSS department functions like the popular private teaching institutions where students are tested on a regular basis throughout the year. In this department, students choose from social sciences, science, foreign languages, maths and Turkish/maths.

The majority of our graduates are accepted by universities in the UK, Turkey, other European universities as well as the USA. The most important advantage of our college is the fact that it was set up within the premises of the Near East University – the largest in the country. Other graduates, according to their entrance examination results ,can enrol in the various faculties offered by our university.Our graduates  have access to our university through the means of special contingents  and scholarships. There are also a limited number of places available in the faculty of mediciıne to which our outstanding students may apply.

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