Our History


The Near East College was founded in 1993 and is located in the campus of the Near East University in Dikmen. It is the first private college to have opened in the TRNC and has full day educational system.
Starting with two classrooms and forty students, today it has 74 classrooms and many laboraties. It now has 210 teachers and 1.350 students and is going every year.


The Near East College is in coordination with the TRNC National Ministry of Education. It believes that students happiness comes with success and is enhanced with communication between students , parents , teachers and the administration of the school.

The Near East college follows the curriculum of state colleges, also supported by the ministry of education therefore lessons approved by the ministry are carried out in the morning, while sports activities, TOEFL, SAT I , II , ÖSS, YÖS, GCE and IGCSE courses and medial courses are carried out in the afternoons and on Saturdays.
The Near east College believes that with social activities and a full day education together with its experienced teachers, science and computer technology laboratories, it aims to give the education required for students to become responsible, helpful, independent, decisive individuals who will believe in themselves and will improve the society this all starts at its middle school where English is taught at a high standard.

The students then go on to prepare for the Near East University, Universities in Turkey or in third world countries while in High school. Its main objective has always been to be one step ahead of other schools in the TRNC by choosing only the best students and by having the best teachers.

The Near East College has achieved the best results in academic, social, cultural and sports activities. Each year , it adds to its successes in the IGCSE, GCE, A LEVEL, TOEFL, SAT I , II and IELTS examination and also in the ÖSS and YÖS university entrance examinations.1400,the highest result obtained from the SAT I exam in the TRNC was achieved by a student from the Near east College. Student have received outstanding results from the SAT II examination as well. Also, many student have got “A” from AS Level Mechanics and Mathematics and GCE o’level examinations. Furthermore, many students have received the opportunity to study in the USA with CASP scholarships and many have taken part in the summer camps in the USA with the aid of the fullbright commission.

When it comes to French, our school has been very successful in the DELF examinations. In the 2006-2007 Academic Year during the activities of the “frankofoni” week the Near East College won first prize in the “French Dubbing competition” organized by the Cyprus Turkish French Culture association and the National Ministry of education and went to france with their teachers.

The Near East College became an EDEXCEL EXAM CENTRE in 2007 and has given its students the opportunity to take the GCE and IGCSE examinations in their own school.

The Near East College has high modern standards with is Olympic size swimming pool, sports facilities auditorium-conference room, dance and art studios, library and physics chemistry, biology and computer laboratories.
Being congratulated on the success of our students studying in third world countries by the Rector of the Near East University has given us strength and has once again shown the Near East College is the society’s first choice for a better education.

Each student at the Near East College has the opportunity to be involved in social-cultural-sports activities and use all the facilities at the Near East University.

The Near East College supplies school dinners which gives the students the change to eat their meals with their friends and teachers improving their communication skills and social interactions with those around them.
Students can overcome their problems with the help of the schools councilling service.

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