Ahmet Özkurtuluş

I was born on the 10th of January 1983 in Bostancı-Güzelyurt.

I started my educational life at  Fikri Karayel Primary School in our village. The school was very good and  days passed quickly. I want to share an important event that I  experinced. One day an inspector visited our school and our teacher told us that he would examine whether  we could read or not. Furthermore, you could pass the class or fail depending upon the inspector’s report. As a child, I was shocked upon hearing the possibility of repeating the same class. However, I was one of the most successful students in our class so I managed to read and answered all the questions I was asked . This was the first challenging experience in my student  life.

As  years passed I grew up and reached the last year at Fikri Karayel . Our teacher was very strict, his name was Necat Demirkent. Now is the assistant headmaster of  Sht.Tuncer Primary School in Nicosia. He helped us with the college entrance examinations. We were having private courses all taken place in our school and frequently attending the practice exams at different places outer  than our school. I managed to pass the exam and became a student of GTMK in 1994.

I studied at GTMK for 6 years and then went to a different school. College was very nice. It was full of comprehensive activities.  At the end of my high school life, I was able to become successful at the university entrance examination and attended English Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Ankara University in the millenium. I studied in Ankara for  5 years and when I graduated in 2005, I returned  to my homeland. During my higher education, experienced many good things which still have an  impact on me.

As soon as I graduated from Ankara University in July, 2005, I returned  to my country and started working as an instructor at CIU. I had worked at CIU  for 1 year before I enlisted in the army.

Having fulfilled my military service as a translator of the chief of staff  during 2006-2007, I joined in the Near East Family. I have been teaching both English for  the OSS classes and English Literature for the GCE classes. I am happy to be a member of this big family.

In addition to the above mentioned anecdotes, I  decided to upgrade  my level of knowledge and also tried hard to broaden and extend  my teaching skills. For this reason, I enrolled to the  “International Relations Program” of University of Anatolia. I studied for this department for  4 years and graduated last year. It was a long distance education programme.  The programme enabled both my political and historical knowledge to improve. Teaching is a priority in my life because while teaching (educating) people you educate your ownself automatically. Therefore, I can’t live without  it.

Finally, as a fan of football, I have acted as a football referee at CTFA since the previous year. It is a demanding job but I really decharge myself and refresh my  stance for the new week since the matches are held on weekends.

You keep both your  physical outlook  and your mental  stance disciplined. You need to train and spend too much in order to be successful. Even though it is very hard to do this job, you can enjoy its prestigious pleasure too.

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