Dizge Önem

Hello everyone, my name is Dizge Onem. I was born in Köşklüçiftlik, Nicosia where I have been living since then.

As the daughter of two English teachers, I’ve always been interested in studying languages and my first education experience in the UK started when at King’s School of English, London I attended a full-time period of study of the English Language at advanced level. After completing the course, I continued myundergraduate degree in Translation and Interpretation. Nomatter how challenging my study field had been, I studied very hard and even won a scholarship in 2007 while at university and had the chance to be educated at the University of California, Berkeley for a term.

After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I moved to Leicester, in the UK and was awarded the degree of Arts with Merit in English Language Teaching at De Montfort University. Following my graduation, I was offered a position in teaching there so I had the opportunity to teach in the Pre-sessional English courses.

I have four years of experience in teaching and I have been employed with the Near East College since February 2014. The reason why I have chosen to work as an English Teacher is because of my passion for teaching English. Besides, I love being around teenagers and seeing the appreciation on their faces as a result of the positive impact I have been able to establish.

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