Fatma Tezel

I was born on 6th January 1990. I am originally from South East London of the United Kingdom. I am the second sibling of a two child family. I attended nursery and primary school in the United Kingdom. They were the best unforgettable years of my childhood. I remember that we used to live opposite a huge park where I used to feed the ducks, ride my bicycle, play and spend precious time with my family and friends. After completing primary school I and my family decided to move to Cyprus. I started Levent College for my secondary education where my interest for teaching began. I always looked up to my English teacher. I looked at her as an example in how I could develop myself in this area. At the same time my brother was my idol, he was studying English teaching at the same time. He guided me throughout secondary school and encouraged me to study English Language Teaching.

By the time I graduated, I decided not to leave my family and study as an undergraduate student in Cyprus at Near East University. As I studied university, I completed many English teaching related courses. I have been teaching for 3 years. The most enjoyable time in my university years was when I was given a project to make up a story book for young learners. On the other hand, I also have a creative side such as designing illustrative young learner reading books. So I thought this was a great opportunity to explore my creative side. I collected colourful materials, created and put the story together. I also designed a pop-up book. The story was called Fatz the Monster. I received anA+ for my hard work and dedication. Due to the fact that I graduated in 2012 I only have 2 years of English teaching experience. However, I hope to develop myself in the field at the place I call home; Near East College.

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