Fatma Zorlu




My name is Fatma Zorlu. I am the daughter of Serap & Salih Zorlu. I was born on 10th of July 1988 in Nicosia, Cyprus. As a typical Turkish Cypriot family, my parents named me after my grandmother. I have a younger brother who is currently an electrical engineering student in University of Bath, UK.

My education life began in Fikri Karayel Primary School which is located in Guzelyurt. My last year in primary school was the first time that I have experienced the real stress about my future when I was introduced to college entry exam. One year of studying, guidance of my primary school teachers and the support from my whole family gave me the chance to pass the exam and enter Turk Maarif College. This is where I completed my secondary and high school education. I took GCE O’ Level and Advanced Subsidiary Level exams in Turk Maarif College as I was aiming to continue my education in UK. Not only I was educated well in TMK but also I gained lifetime friends there too.

In 2005, I went to UK for the first time ever in my life with my dad to start my undergraduate degree in University of Essex. Now when I think, going to UK was the best decision I have made in my life and I am really thankful to my parents for making it possible for me. I studied Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry for four years. I have completed a final year project named as “Mutation of the gene encoding for decaheme cytochrome Pcc35 to give

His144→Met” working with Professor Paul Dobbin. Studying in genetic field helped me realise my great interest in Genetics. In 2009 I started my postgraduate degree in Biotechnology working with Professor Christine Raines. After one year of hard work, my master project was completed named as “Analysis and Production of transgenic tobacco plants to explore the function of the chloroplast protein CP12”. Staying in UK for 5 years made me realise how small the world actually is. Human, no matter which religion they believe in, where they live, which language they speak, are all very similar. Being a member of the campus community and contributing to the ethical diversity was a priceless feeling.

My adventure in UK finished after graduating from Master’s degree in University of Essex. Missing homeland and family made me come back to Cyprus. Shortly after returning back, I have sent my CV to Near East College website. Couple of days later, I received a phone call from our head of department, Mr. Cem Hami. Since then I am a member of Near East College family. I have never imagined myself being a teacher. However for the last 5 years I am feeling that I am at the right place and doing the right thing. My story here in Near East College has started 5 years ago and I hope it will continue for many more years.

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