Ferdiye Kanaga

I was born in Limassol. I graduated from 23 Nisan Primary school and then Türk Maarif College.
My school adventure went on at Boğaziçi University in İstanbul. I studied English Language and
Literature and gained my teaching Certificate .That was the turning point of my life , I will never
forget those days .If I had a chance to live those days again ,I would.

Life is so strange .Priorities change with time. Coming to Cyprus was very important those days but
now it’s not like that anymore .This is a fact which is hard to accept . When I came back to
Cyprus ,I lost my dad and then my mum .Cyprus is full of memories for me .Luckily, I have
my husband and my two sons who are by me .

I worked at International American College , Levent College and State schools .Then I went
to England and stayed there for a while .In 2004 I began to work at the NEC as an English and
History teacher.I am very pleased to be a member of the NEC family .

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