Feriha Biren

I was born on the 4th of December, 1987 in South East London UK. I am the oldest of three children. After attending primary school in the UK my family and I moved to Cyprus where I carried on with my secondary education at Bayraktar Türk Maarif College. I then went on to Türk Maarif College.

When I was young I was always looking up to my teachers for advice on how I would develop myself to become a successful individual in society. Even as a young girl I was always helping my father in our family business. My father would send me to work at other companies so I could see how other companies operated. This encouraged me to develop myself in subjects such as Business and Economics. As a student I was always keen and interested in the subjects that were included in the Arts department. Because Economics is a core lesson in this department I was sure this was the path I wanted to carry on and become a successful individual. With the experience I gained from working at a young age it became much easier to relate to the subject Economics which I enjoyed the most. Till this day I still am very passionate about the subject and believe it has the most knowledge that everyone can relate to. As a successful student my Economics teacher realised my interest and encouraged me to develop my future career in Business or Economics.

I studied Business Management at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. I chose this course because it included an extra year working at a company of my choice. Therefore in my third year of University I worked at an Import company where I learnt to apply my knowledge and develop my skills in the working environment. In my final year at University my course required many presentations. I recognised that I had a natural ability in presenting and teaching. I decided that after graduation I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. When I returned to Cyprus I applied for a teaching job and started work at Levent College as a Business and Economics teacher.
Working with students allowed me to share the knowledge and experience I gained from my University life. I believe teaching is mainly related with sharing information which increases and develops the relationship between teachers and students. I worked at Levent College for a year and within that year I applied for a Masters degree. I attained a scholarship from the European Union. Winning the scholarship was a once in a lifetime experience and I knew I could not reject this opportunity. As a teacher I wanted to carry on pursuing my degree in Business but I still wanted to study Economics so my Masters degree was; International Business with Economics at Bournemouth University in the UK.

My masters degree allowed me to develop myself in subjects I wanted to specialise in where I also met new people from all over the world who became lifelong friends. I finished my masters degree in October. It was too late to apply back to schools for teaching positions so I had to apply to companies. I started working at the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry as an Industrial Development Officer. My duty was to control exhibitions throughout the world for the North Cyprus Stand. I worked at this position for two and a half years. I was given the opportunity to travel to many places such as ; Germany, Dubai, Iraq, Ukraine, Turkey, Belgium. I had the chance to see how different countries operate and how cultures play a very important role in the running of a business. Even though it was a privilege to represent North Cyprus and I enjoyed my job and travelling, my heart was still set on teaching. In 2014 I started working at the Near East College as an Economics teacher where I am currently preparing students for their IGCSE exams in June. I’ve realised that teenagers nowadays prefer different types of progressive teaching techniques that involve media and visualizing. So for this reason I generally arrange presentations in groups for a better understanding on a related subject of their choice. My main aim with students is to try to guide them and connect them with their goals life. Coming to school every day brings a smile on my face and allows me to start my day with positive vibes. Teaching has shaped my life and has helped me to become who I am. I would like to thank my husband, family, friends and teachers for supporting me all the time.

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