Gülçin Sarıca

I was born on June 20, 1981 in Turkey. I graduated from high school and started studying English Language and Literature at university in Turkey. After I finished university I worked as an English teacher in a private college (Kardelen College) and also studied my M.A (Teaching Certificate) degree between 2003-2005.

From the beginning of my teaching life, I’ve always been interested in using new technologies in language classrooms.

Moving to North Cyprus is the turning point in my life. I was 24 years old when I started working at The Near East University in 2006. From 2006 to 2010 I taught Business English and Oral Communication to the students in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. At the same time I studied my M.A degree in the Department of English Language and Teaching. I did my projects on “Web-based English Learning” while studying my M.A. I’m keen on using technology for that reason, I attended educational technology conferences in Turkey and in North Cyprus.  Moreover, I presented my published articles written on Language and Technology. (New Trends in 21st Century English Learning (eric.ed.gov -Procedia-social and Behavioural Sciences vol.1 (1) (439-445) -Web-based Language Learning (www.sciencedirect.com)

In 2010, I started working here at The Near East College as I’ve always wanted to teach young learners. I feel that my greatest strengths are my ability to understand and meet the needs of young learners which can be the result of being a mother of two and having parents who were also teachers. It’s been 12 years I’ve been teaching now. As a member of The Near East College English Department, I took part in developing authentic teaching materials including four skills. I currently teach year 8, year 9 IGCSE writing skills and year 10 IGCSE.

I’m interested in using technology in the classroom, For instance, using IPADs in the classroom motivates students more than anything else.

Teaching is about inspiring students to discover their purpose and potentials. As a teacher I believe that I have taken this role more than 10 years now.

In order to understand students’ learning styles I try to provide them a class which is full of different learning styles.

If I gave you one piece of advice I would tell you not to stick on textbooks for everything, you will learn so much from teachers, peers and the classroom environment where you can explore yourselves. You are given a wide-range of opportunities through the curriculum and activities which are held at school campus every day.

As an English teacher, since I love languages and cultures, I enjoy teaching it. Nevertheless teaching is not an easy job at all. With my words, I hope that I can motivate and move my students. Because words have greater power on them if used correctly.

So this is me; a simple yet passionate individual whose views may or may not inspire someone who needs inspiration.

Seminars and Conferences

8th International Education Technology Conference (Eskisehir)

World Conference on Educational Sciences in North Cyprus

Teaching Pro. & Receptive in Multilevel Classes IELTS seminar by Sam Mccarter

Cambridge International Examinations Professional Development Introductory course.

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