Hüseyin Tin


My name is Hüseyin Tin. I was born on the 22nd January 1992. I live in Cihangir and I am currently teaching Biology at Near East College.

I graduated from the Gelibolu Primary School in Nicosia. As regards to my first schooling experiences, I was not particularly very happy about the whole concept of not being able to spend my days playing anymore. It took me a while to get used to it but in no time, I was used to it. Having after starting school was a huge influence in me being happy all the time, I was a “big brother” from then on, and I had a title.

The first real challenge in my life was when I was in the 5th grade, final year of primary school. The college examinations were fast approaching and the only thing I can clearly remember now is that I was constantly running somewhere like a hectic businessman. I was a basketball player, a member of the school orchestra and a folk dancer. With all these going on in my life, I still managed to get the second place in the exam. This was my first significant accomplishment.

The junior high school was called Bayraktar Turk Maarif College (BTMK), and it took no time to show that things worked differently from then on. All the subjects were taught in English and I merely had any knowledge, so there started the challenges. I was revising everyday to understand the subjects and carried a dictionary all the time as if it was glued to my hand. I got used to it, however. My English was steadily improving, I was understanding the lessons better and soon afterwards, I started to realize what subjects caught my interest the most.

The high school I attended is called Turk Maarif College (TMK). When I started high school, I had to make a critical decision on the registration day. By choosing to be in a GCSE class, I had picked my way to the United Kingdom for higher education. In my four years of high school education, I was involved in many diverse activities. Besides my good academic results, I was an outdoors person. Hiking, camping and cycling were inevitable parts of my life. As a staff member of the camping team of TMK, I was privileged to not only attend my class’ camps, but also the trips of other classes. By being able to balance my academic and social life in high school, I can now say that high school taught me way more than subjects.

The inspirations of some of my teachers shaped my future. My biology teachers in high school are the reasons why I chose to study Medical Biochemistry at university. When I had acceptances to universities in the UK and the USA, I chose to study in the University of Manchester. After starting my studies there, I realized that I had made a very good choice. The combination of infinite academic sources with contemporary laboratory equipment and worldwide-recognized academics gave me the chance to equip myself in every possible way and gain invaluable experiences. At University, I had the chance to study my interests more in depth. The laboratory sessions and ample hands on experiences enhanced my confidence in many ways. The project I had to complete individually in my final year involved a ten-week intense laboratory research and a write-up at the end. During those ten weeks, I had to organize my time to prevent clashes of my practical sessions with my classes, order missing laboratory equipment, carry out many experiments at the same time and produce significant results. Besides being very challenging, it was an unforgettable period of my life. The feeling of accomplishment I felt when the project finished was worth all the hours spent and the tiredness. I succeeded.

After my undergraduate degree, I did my masters at the Manchester Medical School in Clinical Biochemistry. I had a longstanding interest in the clinical side of Biochemistry since the second year of my undergraduate degree, which was also when I had decided to do the masters degree I completed in 2015. I was fascinated by the idea of producing results through a couple of milliliters of blood, which could be vital to save a patients life. I chose to carry on studying in Manchester as it had a high ranking with respect to medical sciences. Also the MSc Clinical Biochemistry course was in corporation with the UK National Health Services (NHS). This course gave me an insight as to how things properly work in the hospitals and among different clinical departments, according to the health laws.

After completing my MSc degree and having spent 5 years abroad in Manchester, I decided to return to Cyprus. I always had a particular interest in becoming a teacher as my own teachers always inspired me. I find the school environment very dynamic and I reckon that teaching is a very satisfactory profession in terms of shaping the futures of many lives.

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