Iwona Yaramaz

I was born and raised in Poland where I lived until the year 1997. Having made the decision to
spend my first year away from my family made me mature more than ever and aware of the
obstacles and hardships which were waiting for, young people like myself in the far away land from
As a child, growing up in a middle class family, education, being well – mannered and
obeying traditional customs were always a priority. Being raised in Poland which was then under
communism, life hadn’t always been easy.
However, the choice of school wasn’t hard because everyone had equal rights for education.
During my first years of school, I learned that good grades and ambitions were keys to a good,
comfortable and prosperous life. Also, I was lucky enough to have parents who cared about me
more than usual and I was given the opportunity to learn foreign languages which was very
unusual at that time in Poland.
My secondary education brought a lot of changes in my life as it came with changes in my
country. The new system opened the horizons to the new world out there, which was previously
forbidden and unknown to many of us.
I pushed myself harder into studying English, as I knew that it was the language for me.
I read and learned more about the life in England and America every day. I had dreams.
Upon graduation, I realized that life as an adult was ahead of me. I wasn’t sure what
was best for me. I was scared and worried.
Finally, I decided to become a teacher. Teaching was my passion and calling. I knew I could do it,
as I had previous experience teaching my friends English.
After passing my exams I was accepted to university where I began my studies. During that time I
learned how to teach, listen and how to cope in critical situations which are with us in everyday life.
In the year 2004 I began working at Primary School in England, where I worked with
children of different origin and background, speaking many different languages.
The most crucial year in my life was 2006 when I moved to Cyprus with my husband and
daughter. In the year 2008, my son was born. I have been working at Near East College for the
past nine years. I enjoy working here and I hope to do this for many years to come.

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