Kemal Dikengil


NAME: KEMAL DIKENGIL                                         



When young, everyone has certain aspirations, aims and plans for their future, but knowing what is to become of us can only be revealed as the years roll by. Of course we intend to become lawyers, doctors or even teachers because these are the “golden” occupations according to most of our parents. Although disagreeing with this , I myself also chose a career in teaching largely due to my uncle who was a successful teacher in the U.K. and also because teaching opens up many doors not only for us but for our students. Being able to pass on knowledge whether it be from books or from life is indeed a very special quality. Have I been successful, well in my own opinion, yes. For the last 19 years I have devoted myself to helping all, young and old, and this has helped me to develop into a better person.


Born to parents who relentlessly tried their best for their children, I always dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. Could I have succeeded, I will never know, but my dear departed father always emphasised the fact that having an occupation was second to none. Maybe it’s only recently that I fully understood what he really meant. Unfortunately due to his passing away in October 2013 I never really had the opportunity to thank him for encouraging me to choose this profession. So thank you father for being the man you were and helping to shape me into a responsible human being. Primary school, secondary school, college(all completed in the U.K.) and university(Near East), although at the time seemed to drag on for many a year, passed by in the blink of an eye. Like so many others, exams were taken, passed and a career was chosen.


Before starting my teaching profession, a man once sat me down and said these exact words “Your first year maybe demanding and at times difficult, but then you’ll be alright “. This man was Dr. Suat Günsel who made the time to speak to me on a summer’s afternoon at my parents’ house all those years ago. For this I thank him and am indebted for the trust he put in me and so many others he has employed over the years.

Teaching is not just opening a book and regurgitating what you see before you. It’s being able to connect with your students, gain their respect and teach them not by just writing on a whiteboard, but getting into their minds and showing them that no matter what they are capable of achieving anything as long as they want it.

Starting in 1996 at our primary school, I made the jump to our college after receiving a call from the then Head of Department Canev Dinçer offering me a more demanding position at our college in 1997 and have been here ever since. I have seen many come and go but I have remained up until this day because I believe I still have much to offer to both our students and to this ever growing institute. I sincerely hope that the feeling is mutual and that I can help us go even further than we already have.



Like so many others, my life has been full of ups and downs, but two incidents have shone a bright light upon my life. Firstly, my marriage to my special love. Having met at the Near East University in 1992, we have been together ever since so again I owe a big thank you to              Dr. Suat Günsel who indirectly brought us together. She is currently teaching at our primary school and has been for as long as I have. Secondly, and probably the most important event of my life, the birth of my son. For this I owe a huge thank you to my beloved wife. My son has brought us utmost joy since the day he was born and has made us both proud not only academically but by being an elite basketball player still only 14 and showing us his maturity and level headedness at such a young age.

These two events have shaped my life even further and given me extra enthusiasm to continue to teach for many a year.


The future has never been able to be predicted as the past has been difficult to understand. For the last 19 years I have worked effortlessly to better myself and help my students as much as possible. Now, I will continue to thrive in my endeavours as a teacher, to share my experiences of life with my students and to show them that anything is possible. My sole aim and purpose in life is to see my son grow up to be a better man than I am, to succeed in everything he does, but above all to be happy.

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