Lesley Hakseven

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I was born in the village of Rossington near Doncaster in the south of Yorkshire in the year 1950. My father, John King, was employed in the mining industry and my mother was a housewife. I have two younger brothers and one younger sister.

At the end of my primary school education I gained a place at the Winifred Portland Technical Grammar school having been successful in the 11 plus examinations.. I graduated from this school in 1968 with 8 GCE “O” levels and 3 “A”levels. During these school years my main hobby was playing the piano and by the age of fifteen I had successfully completed Grade 8 of the Royal Shool of Music Examination board and had taken part and won many trophies at various music festivals around the country. (I t would be true to say that one of my maın regrets is that I gave up playing the piano when I came to live in Cyprus.)

I continued my education at Brighton College of Education from 1968 –  1971(my main subjects being English and Music) and then went on to do a Bachelors Degree in English and Education  at the Univerisity of Sussex.

After teaching in the north of England for one year, I had the desire to spread my wings and travel. I was appointed as a  teacher of the children of the English army officers at the Curium school  in Limassol. After the Peace Operation in 1974, we were sent back to England. By this time I had met my husband, so I retired from my position and when he had been released as a prisoner of war, I returned to the north of Cyprus where I have been living ever since.

In 1975 I continued my teaching profession at the Güzelyurt Kurtuluş Secondary school. The first year was quite a challenge as at that time my Turkish was practically non-existent and the level of English of most of the students was very poor. But after  much persistence and hard work the results were most rewarding and I am very proud of the fact  that I am still remembered by those students on Teachers’ Day to this day.

1982 saw the opening of the Güzelyurt Türk Maarif College which for the first few years was under the same administration as the Kurtuluş Secondary school.  I was the first English teacher at this college and as from 1982 I was appointed Head of English for both schools.

After retiring from the Ministry of Education in 1995, I worked for one year at a private university in North Cyprus before becoming a member of the Near East family in 1996, initially as an English teacher , then as Head of English and now as deputy headmistress.

( I have two children and four grandchildren)

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