Meys Hamdan

I was born in Northern Cyprus (06/09/1988) and lived in Cyprus untill the age of two.I have a sister, who is three years older than me. When, I was two years old we moved to London due to my fathers work. He got offered to be the manager at Liveralpool for the shipping company he worked at. However, my father currently works for the London Metropolitan Police as an undercover police.

I grew up in London and attended education there untill the age of 17. I attended a private girls school for secondary education from the year 2000 untill 2005.

During this period of time, I was interactive with sports and got offered by a professional tennis coach, to be taken to America for further practices and experiecnce and future. However, my family did not agree with this idea. I am currently still active in sports and tennis.

I am higly interested in poetry and in writing poems. While, studying and in year 7 (age 13) one of my poems was published in  a poetry book. This gave me motivation for the furture.

Becoming a teacher was always my dream and goal in life since the age of 6. I accomplished my goal in life. Being a teacher, for me is not just teaching in the classroom . It is also to be able to spend extra time regarding students needs in all aspects. In relation to this, I read many articles and researches to get more background information and keep myself updated. I attend webinars and seminars globally.

My fathers role had and still has a huge impact in my life. This is because, he speaks 6 languages and  has many awards globally from NASA, Google, Oxford. He found a forumla for captains, which decreased the amount of time spent in the ocean or  sea to various destinations. He managed to decrease the 1 month forumla to 1 week, and was globally awarded. He also found mistakes in the Oxford  Geography books in which, 1 country was placed under the wrong country by 18 centimeters and as once again awarded etc. Once again, I could say that he is one of my biggest role models in life.

For higher education I attended:

(2005-2011) BA degree at Eastern Mediterranean University/North Cyprus  (ELT DEPARTMENT)

(2011-2013) MA degree on Education: Leadership, Management and Change.


My firts job was at : Cuckoo Hall Primary School in England / London. I worked here before starting my MA degree, in order to gain experience.

My second job was at :  Girne American University, Foundation English School – English Lecturer – Testing Assessment Team. This period of time was highly exciting and really good experience for me.


I am currently working at :  NEAR EAST COLLEGE (ENGLISH LECTURER)


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