Nüvit Malyalı

My name is Nüvit Malyalı. I was born on the 29th November in Melbourne, Australia. My mother was from a small village in Paphos , Dimi and my father was from a town in Larnaca called Tuzla. After they had got married in the 1950’s, they decided to migrate to Australia , as many Cypriots did in those years , to start a new life. I can still vividly recall the house where we used to live in until I was seven. I have to admit that I did have a very happy childhood and shared so many memorable moments with my parents and elder sister.

At the age of 5 , I started Keilor Heights Primary School and then I attended Keilor Heights Secondary School at the age of 11. The education system was totally different from the education in TRNC. Schools would open in February and close in mid November. School life was quite enjoyable and lessons were interesting.  Our favourite lessons were English , Drama and Needlework. Students would spend quality time with teachers in the Drama Hall or in the Handicraft room. It was so  amusing to watch boys in front of a sewing-machine trying desperately to sew a piece of cloth ! We always tried hard not to make them realise that we were making fun of them though. Thursdays, however ,  was a nightmare for most of us . Why ? No matter whether it rained , snowed or hailed , we were obliged to go to our swimming lessons because our swimming instructor would never accept any kind of excuse. I remember how we used to shiver under the freezing cold weather. All our teachers were wonderful and understanding and I learnt a lot  from them.

When I was 13 years old, I wanted so much  to meet my grandparents and other relatives in Cyprus whom I had never seen before. So , as soon as the summer school break started in November , my parents booked a flight and a six-week holiday  for my sister and myself. It was going to be a very exciting trip for me but on the other hand I was unaware of the fact that it was going to change my life forever. Everything was fantastic until the day we got the terrifying news from Australia. My father , at the age of 42 , had a very serious heart-attack while we were on holiday in Cyprus. We urgently flew back hoping that we could see our father again. Thanks to God he survived the attack but spent eight weeks in hospital. We were not allowed to see him.

Life was not the same anymore. My father had to retire due to his illness. Then, when I was 15 years old, my father wanted to permanently move to his homeland. We sold our beautiful house , our cars , left all the unforgettable memories behind and flew to Cyprus. This move affected me more than any other member in the family.

The same year , I began my new school life at TMK , Lefkoşa. Adapting to a totally different environment was very difficult for me because I could only speak and understand a little Turkish. However , I passed all my lessons successfully and I am very grateful to all my teachers and the administration who were all very kind and understanding. Now ; I am extremely happy and proud  to be working at the NEC with my principal  and precious teachers who   were once my  class teachers at  the TMK.

Having graduated from TMK , I entered the ÖSYM examination and won the Faculty of English Language and Literature , Ankara University. I graduated with a high degree and returned to Cyprus , although my lecturers at University tried to persuade me to stay and do career. I believe in fate. It was a good decision that I did not stay in Ankara  because as soon as I came to Cyprus in July and began my new job at the Namık Kemal College in Mağusa in October , I lost my father early November due to a severe heart-attack.

One day , while I was teaching at the Namık Kemal College , Mr. Mustafa Erçıkan who was a Maths Inspector at that time and who was once my dear maths teacher at TMK , paid a visit to school. I was surprised that he had recognised me after so many years. With his help , I was appointed English teacher  to the 19 Mayıs College in Girne ( where I lived ) and taught at this school for 19 years.I loved my students and I loved teaching.

After I had retired from the state , I was offered a job at the GAU College. I worked there as Head of the English Department and gained more experience in teaching IGCSE English and IELTS. I had gained my reputation and had proved to my students and my colleagues that I was successful in my field. While I was at the GAU , ı was offered two different scholarships by the Ministry of Education ; to the UK as a representative of all English teachers in the TRNC on teaching English as Second Language and the second scholarship was to the USA . I attended both which widened my horizon in my field.

Four years later , I received a more challenging offer and that was the position of being Headmistress at the Güvence College. I worked as Principal of Secondary School College for four years but then gave up due to certain reasons. Later , I applied to NEC and was accepted in the year 2007.

Working at NEC , is a great pleasure. Our Principal , our vice principals and all our young and enthusiastic colleagues are like a family. We work as a team and we all have the same objective ; to teach and educate students so that one day they become successful members of our society,

This is my life ……… I am married and have one daughter who works as an advocate in Lefkoşa.

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