Özle Tamtunalı

I was born in Nicosia in 1981. I attended Sehit Tuncer Primary School and after taking the college

exams, I continued my secondary education in Türk Maarif College. Although my studies there

were mostly science-oriented, considering the fact that all my GCEs except for English were from

science subjects, I eventually decided studying English Language and Literature would be the

most suitable option for me. In this decision, the optional English Literature course I had taken in

my senior year played a big role.

In 1998, I graduated from high school and successfully entered Ankara University, Department of

English Language and Literature by becoming third in the OSS language exam. Because of this

accomplishment, I was given a scholarship by the TRNC government throughout my university

education. Studying English Language and Literature at Ankara University gave me the chance to

place literary texts in wider intellectual and historical contexts and to study the development of

English language. The vast amount of reading I have done of most influential writers from various

periods of history not only enriched my knowledge about different literary theories and historical

events but it also helped me acquire a whole new perspective of life itself. As an interdisciplinary

subject, literature allows students to gain knowledge about different disciplines such as history,

politics, psychology and sociology and see the interconnection between texts and historical events

or theories.

In 2005, I started working at the Near East College as an English teacher. I have been preparing

our students for IGCSE Literature in English exams for 8 years and for AS and A level Literature in

English for the last three years. Studying this subject offers students the opportunity to read,

interpret, evaluate and respond to a range of literature in English. The range includes drama, prose

and poetry from the works of Shakespeare to contemporary literature. This course enables

learners to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the ways in which writers use English

to express meaning and achieve effects. The course also aims to stimulate learners to read for

pleasure, to explore wider and universal issues, promoting a better understanding of themselves

and the world. These skills become even more important in a society in which reading has been

overtaken by social networking sites. In such an environment, my aim as a literature teacher is to

help students acquire the essential reading habits and to be able to interpret what they read in

wider contexts.


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