Sait Baki

sait baki

Sait Baki was born on the 28 April 1973 in Nicosia. He comes from a highly academic family. His father is Ersoy Baki and his mother Leyla Baki. Between the years of 1979-1985 he attended Şht. Yalçın Primary School and then went on to study at Türk Maarif College between 1985-1991.

After completing high-school, Mr. Baki attended the Physics Department at Middle East Technical University. He worked mainly in Solid State physics. He took many courses including Quantum Mechanics from prof. Mehmet Tomak who is one of the best in his area. He started a master program in physics. His graduation project was “crystal growth system using Bridgeman technique” under the supervision of prof. Bülent Akınoğlu, sponsored by TUBITAK in Turkey. The project was a 100 thousand dollar project. He had the opportunity to work with many physicists from Moscow University during this project.

He did his graduate work mainly in Quantum mechanics. He took courses from prof. Mustafa Halilsoy. His master thesis was “solving nodeless states of Schrödinger equation via a shifted-l expansion technique”.

Since 2001 he has been working as a Physics teacher at the Near East College and was appointed deputy headmaster in April 2005. He gave physics lectures in the Civil Engineering department of Near East University for 5 years. He teaches physics mainly in IGCSE and GCE A level classes in The Near East College. He is founder of NEU foundation program.

He is married with two children.


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