Sultan Hacet

I was born on 8th June, 1987 in Nicosia. I attended Sehit Doğan Ahmet Primary School and continued my education at The American Future College and managed to graduate with first-class honours. In 2008 I received my degree from Hacettepe University in English Language and Literature and to be honest; Yes, Shakespeare used to be my nightmare… However, I must admit that if I hadn’t studied him, I wouldn’t have been good at observing and analysing ambition, loyalty and inevitable conflicts that individuals and our students face every single day.

After identifying my personal goals, I decided to do a Masters Degree and went to the UK as a European Union Scholarship grantee and completed my MA on TESOL  (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Bath. Since then, I have been working at the Near East College as an English Language Teacher. I have been teaching learners with different levels and preparing them for external and international examinations like IGCSE and IELTS.

I personally believe that teaching as a profession is not an easy task to do as it encompasses many different qualities such as; patience, understanding and dedication. It has always given me the sense that I am taking a step further to change the society we are living in to a better place.

Learning a new language not only opens up a world of opportunities to our students but also gives them a greater global understanding of the world we live in. Learning a different language teaches our students about the cultures around the world and helps them understand the differences between people, enables them to respect different notions which I believe our world seems to lack and suffer as a result of it nowadays…

Therefore, we as teachers need to make sure that we raise individuals who do not hesitate to follow the principles of our greatest head teacher Atatürk and always put some effort to create brighter future days..

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