Tuğberk Kaya

Tugberk was born on 21st April 1991 in Nicosia, Cyprus. After his secondary education at Turk Maarif Koleji, he moved to The United Kingdom for his undergraduate degree where he studied BA (Hons) ‘Business Management with Marketing’ at University Campus Suffolk between 2009-2012.  He carried on his studies at Kingston University where he completed a MSc course in ‘Information Technologies & Strategic Innovation with Management Studies’. Since October 2013, Kaya has been undertaking his PhD studies on ‘Innovation & Knowledge Management’ along with a part-time lecturer position at Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences. Kaya is also a member of the board of Knowledge Management Research Centre.His professionalinterests are‘tacit knowledge’, ‘knowledge cities’, ‘social media’ and ‘process innovation’. Kaya is co-founder and Corporate Communications Manager of the ‘Can Kid’ and ‘Cans of Hopes’ project which is also funded by European Union.tk

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