The Scientific Activities of the NEC (2012-2013)

Science consists of an effort to systematically examine our surroundings and use the information thus achieved towards our prosperity.
The NEC has been involved for many years in an activity of concentrating on two main subjects and has upgraded its efforts towards their promotion. These two subjects are:

  1. Productive usage of water for agricultural purposes and for a green environment.
  2. To make effort towards the usage of construction material that is suitable for our climate and to ensure more humanist accommodations.


In a series of activities carried out by our students in the 1996-2000 period, it has been found that feeding livestock in our Mesarya region requires four times bigger grassland produce than those in European countries. In making this calculation, our students have used a calorimeter of their own design. (KIBRIS newspaper 15 August 2002).


We have successfully managed to discover that it is possible to grow wild oat which naturally grows in our fields no regardless of rainfall. Its nutrition value is equal to that of barley. (K Cengaver 2003).


Polished ceramic’s ability to leak water has been used in a special design for the production of seedlings. This project, which enables all vegetable and fruit seedlings fresh, has been used in his own experiments by a Check scientist who visited our college. (E Küçük, S Fahri, 2004).

Our students have made further progress by preparing another project for decorative house plants. Ceramic designer and producer Dizayn 74 began selling pots of this design.

Our students have separated organic material from random rubbish to create a form of fuel, the energy value of which is found to be the same as wood. (E Bodnar, H Toros 2003).

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