Can Keleş Bürüncük

I was born on 22nd September 1990 in England. I am married. My early years of life was situated in London, finishing my primary school education. Me and my mother moved to Cyprus after my primary school education. My father passed away when I was 5 years old. My mother has been my rock. She has supported me through everything.

I continued my education in Türk Maarif College. Due to health reassons I was unable to go abroad for my further education and so I continued at the Near East University studying psychology. Psychology has always been a part of my life, I decided to study this subject at a very young age. The reason why I chose to study psychology was because I love listening to people’s problems and always try and find ways to help them.

During my education in the Near East University I got the chance to visit Bakırköy Mental Hospital in Turkey / İstanbul. The time I spent in the hospital was a very rewarding experince for me as I got to see and learn a lot of things about my field. I visited the hospital every summer and spent my 2 months there every year. After my graduate studies I continued at the Near East University to get a Masters degree in Clinical Psycholgy. I have many certification’s obtained from a Rehab facility for alcohol and drug addiction. I have a certificate for positive psychotherapy which I find a very reliable type of treatment.The reason why I chose to continue at Near East University was because the education and teachers were brilliant and helpful with each step.

Having studied in  North Cyprus gave me a lot of experince as I got to do a lot of work experience. I worked as a volunteer psychologist at the Social Risk Prevention Center. At this center there were many women who suffered violent abuse by their husbands and needed a place to stay. I would help these women by building up their self confidence and helping them get a job and a place to stay. This center also helped people who had problems and needed to go to a psychologist but didnt have enough money. We gave extra lessons to the students who couldnt read or write and also helped them with their school work. This was a really good experience for me because I got to help people who were in need and also felt extremely lucky for what I have. I also done 2 years of work experience at the state hospital ‘Barış ve Ruh ‘. I have been working at the Near East College since 2011. During this time I finished my  Pedagogy degree in order to teach at the Near East University. I done my Master thesis on immigrant students having emotional problems. When I first started working in the college I had many students who were immigrants from countries like Iran, Moldovia, and Syria who were studying here away from their parents. It was obvious that they felt lonely without their family and missed their friends and country. For this reason I wanted to investigate the effects it could have on these students academic achievements and emotinal state. Findings were accurate with my hypothesis as it showed immigrant students were more depressed although they showed higher academic achievement. Teaching never crossed my mind in the begining but after I started it gave me great pleasure to teach students and help them grow in many ways. Working with teenagers is very challenging. Each student has a unique personality. I believe that I learn a lot from them. I also teach at the Near East University on foundation level, teaching psychology and sociology. Psychology is a very interesting subject to study and it is never ending. Studying the human brain and behaviour is a very fascinating subject.

The work environment we have at the college is like a family, I am very happy to be a part of this family who is very supportive, non-judgemental and who encourage you to do better.

What I would like to advise students is for them to be respectful and kind to everyone around them. There is a quote I like very much that I would like to share with all the students  ‘’ Shoot to the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars’’. Dont be afraid, be courageous and never look back, because everything you do will only be a chapter in your book.

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