Why Choose NEC ?

· The Near East College is the first in the T.R.N.C. to offer IPAD education and with our highly – professional teaching staff, facilities and parent –teacher co-operation we continue to be favoured by our community.

· Students are educated in a highly technological learning environment on a full day basis.

· Thanks to our efficient door-to-door school transport system, traffic problems are eliminated.

· Our school provides students with a range of extra-curricular activities allowing them to discover their special talents and interests.

· All text books are provided by the school.

· Lunch-time bring students and staff together socially as they enjoy a well- balanced meal.

· Our school counseling service helps students to cope with issues of concern.

· Regular field trips offer students the opportunity to discover their country’s history, geographical landscape and cultural values.

· The Near East College provides the best education in English.

· Great importance is attached to French/German as 2nd foreign languages and students are prepared for internationally recognized external examinations in these languages.

· Courses are available during the week and on Saturdays for GCE, SAT, TOEFL, ÖSS and YÖS. Regular moch- examinations for all external examinations are held.

· Our full-day education and courses eliminate the need for private tuition.

· Co-operation among parents, teachers and administration creates a happy and successful learning environment.

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