Announcement About Gce/Igcse Exams

Date Added: 05 February 2021, 16:26

Dear Parents and Students,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Pearson Edexcel examination board announced on 3rd February the cancellation of all International GCSE, AS and A level examinations that were scheduled for May/ June 2021 worldwide. However, it has been made clear from notifications so far that students will receive a Teacher Assessment Grade which has been incorporated into the method by which students will be awarded their grades.

Pearson Edexcel will be giving details about the procedures by which schools will carry out this method of assessment in the fairest possible way. The board has also stated that for IGCSE exams only an additional exam series will be offered at a later date (to be announced). Students who do not wish to receive a teacher assessed grade can defer their exams to this exam series. Furthermore, AS/ A level exams will still take place in October 2021 as timetabled.

The closure of schools and the announcement made by the exams board has caused apprehension. We, the Near East College Exams Ofice, have been following the developments meticulously and would like to reassure you that by safeguarding the rights of our students we intend to complete this process successfully - just as we did last year. The Near East College has been an Edexcel examination centre for 16 years and has been commended following every inspection. In this time exam successes have included top marks in the World, Europe and Cyprus with results consistently higher than the world average; all proof that we are a trustworthy school.

OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) will give further information concerning the procedure on 22nd February Monday. Once again, we would like to remind you that we will share every detail that reaches our centre as soon as we have more details.

In the process, regardless of online and face-to-face education, we bring to your attention that all courses will complete the necessary syllabus and will fulfill the usual program concerning worksheets and quizzes. In context with, the Edexcel Pearson Teacher Assessed grading system, where our school will be included, the fulfillment of the student's responsibilities (full participation in all classes, to submit the given project, homework etc. on time) to show high performance in the classroom and to pay more attention to these matters than ever.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: In order to get Teacher Assessment Grade, all the application / registration process of our students should be completed no later than 8th February Monday.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Applications for students taking Retake will be between 4th-11th March.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: Cambridge International and Pearson Edexcel ILS exams will be held as normal. On 4th February 2021, Cambridge International Exam Board has announced that, the exams will be carried out as planned. If any changes to this decision occurs the necessary updated information with you will be shared.