Dear Parent and Student

Date Added: 25 January 2021, 17:01

Dear Parent and Student,

According to the decisions taken by the TRNC Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education on Saturday 23rd January, schools will reopen and lessons will begin on 25th January, Monday. Below you will find the program which will be followed by our school in compliance with the decisions taken.

  1. All students apart from those who live in the areas between Çatalköy and Karşıyaka are expected to come to school and continue with their
  2. Students who live in the Çatalköy and Karşıyaka areas or in areas between, are expected to participate in lessons online. Lists of these students will be given to teachers and students will participate in the ongoing lessons with the lesson link
  3. Teachers who live in the Çatalköy and Karşıyaka areas or in areas between, will continue with their lessons online. Students taught by these teachers must come to school fully equipped with the required devices (I-pad, tablet, headpones..etc). The list of our teachers is as

Ferdiye Kanaga (ENGLISH)
Gülten Sert (ENGLISH) İlknur Kalabalık (FRENCH)
İzlem Erülkü (ENGLISH)
Mustafa Anayasa (SCIENCE-BIOLOGY)
Ödül Sonel (ENGLISH)
Yeliz Akça (CHEMISTRY)
Zühre Çalışır (ENGLISH)

  1. New topics will be taught in each subject until all students are allowed to return to
  2. Dates of the First Term Final examinations will be announced in accordance with decisions taken by the TRNC Ministry of
  3. If any students are in contact (either themselves or family members), the school administration has to be informed. Students will be able to participate in online lessons while in isolation or quarantine. They will not be marked as absent on the class

Note: Students who do not comply with the regulations stated above will not be allowed to participate in online lessons. (Except for those with medical reports given by the Council of Health)