Painting is a narrative technique expressed with lines and colours on any surface. Any material can be used in terms of a conceptual dimension.

The main content of Art lessons has been spread over a curriculum of three years. (Year 6-7-8) Then, if a student decides to choose Art, the Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design curriculum is completed in year 9 and year 10 and then the student takes the IGCSE Art and Design Examination at the end of year 10. This is followed by Cambridge AS Art and Design Examination preparation in year 11 and Cambridge A-Level Art and Design Examination preparation in year 12 if the student decides to continue taking examinations in this subject. Art lessons in the YKS classes are based on the national curriculum and free-hand drawing techniques.

Our students carry out their project work required for the IGCSE, GCE and YKS curriculum in Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International Exam Board accredited, fully equipped art studios.