The Near East College English Department aims to ensure that students can use English confidently and express themselves freely on national and international platforms. Our department consists of well-equipped, innovative teachers with years of teaching experience. Our global successes in the Turkish IGCSE and English as a Second Language examinations show our dedication and work discipline. Students in year 6 focus mainly on all four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students are prepared by experienced staff members for Turkish and English IGCSE Examinations they will take. Year 10 students entering the IGCSE English examinations take many mock examinations as part of their preparations. Year 11 and Year 12 students are prepared for the IELTS examination; a required qualification for university applications. Students may also take part in IELTS and SAT supplementary courses if they need extra support. IELTS examinations take place twice a month so students who are fully prepared to take the examination collaborate with their teacher and agree on the best session to sit the examination. Year 12 students focus on university preparation during the second term of their final year. For this reason, lessons focus on writing essays that will help them adapt more easily to the universities they will be applying to.

Our students have accomplished many successful achievements in the KET (year 6-7), PET (year 7-8), IGCSE English, IELTS and SAT International examinations. We, as English Language teachers, are proud to say that many of our students have received a grade 8.5 out of nine from the IELTS examination. In international examinations such as the SAT, we have received the highest scores in the TRNC. Students in the YKS-Foreign Language classes have been prepared for the foreign language examination by experienced teachers and have been accepted by prestigious universities in Turkey and the TRNC. Students in these classes can choose to study in either Turkey or the TRNC in fields such as Western (Spanish, Italian, French, German) or Eastern (Chinese, Russian, Japanese) languages.

In order to strengthen academic success and ensure self-confidence, many extra-curricular activities and project-based activities are organized throughout the school year. Debates organized for all ages give students the opportunity to express their opinions freely in English. Moreover, cultural activities and projects bring about awareness and reinforce the importance of social welfare.

Students practise their creativity and use their imagination through composition competitions organized every year.

Also, we enhance communicative and social skills by introducing the students to world authors and plays with the performances prepared and acted by the school’s drama club at the end of year show.