Turkish is taught as two different courses: Turkish Literature and Language and Expression. However, these two courses should not be considered separately since the source of literature is language.  It is a fact that success in these two courses will increase the student's success in other courses. The students in our YKS and GCE classes are taught literary works in which language is used correctly and properly, and with this, the first step to turn them into outstanding literary readers is taken. Activities are carried out through group discussions, individual and bilateral presentations or collective discussion methods such as panels, symposiums, debates and question-answer methods. Emphasis is placed on the use of audio-visual materials in all presentations. The internet, video recordings, CDs and PowerPoint are also used in presentations.

Our courses are handled in different ways in our middle and high school departments.  Our aim in Year 6,7 and 8 is to educate social individuals who study, watch, ask questions, produce, discuss and write. Our courses are based on using texts; by this method, the students learn how to analyse text, acquire and develop reading skills.  Moreover, students gain grammar knowledge and abstract, concrete writing skills and self-expression.

Our aim in Turkish lessons is to ensure that the students are able to use the knowledge they gained in primary education and prepare them for the 9th grade Language and Expression and Turkish Literature courses.  In Year 9, students are expected to understand and evaluate what they read and to develop their verbal and written expressions. In order to improve the verbal expression of our students, presentations are made on different topics in the classroom and selected news from daily newspapers are interpreted. In this way, our students become more confident when they communicate in society.

Our college has various awards in poetry, composition and story writing competitions which are held among middle and high schools throughout the TRNC.

Activities related to Turkish and Literature classes in our middle and high school are as follows.

  • Interclass knowledge and culture competitions
  • Debates
  • Story and composition competitions
  • Poetry readings
  • Drama workshops
  • Theatre club activities
  • Prepared and on the spot presentations
  • Children's games for middle school students
  • Book reading competitions