About Us

The Near East College is an educational institution established within the structure of the Near East University campus. This campus is home to the Near East Hospital and many other social facilities. The Near East College has a unique education programme created by its highly qualified school staff. The students and staff have been given an opportunity to learn and teach in an environment at standards fit for this new technological era. Our vision is to become a prestigious and inspiring educational institute in North Cyprus and in the world.

The Near East College offers a distinctive environment to its students and staff with its technologically equipped foundation, green areas, laboratories and advantages of being located in the campus of the university.

Our school offers full time schooling with the aim of training students to become successful in external examinations. We believe a strong command of their mother tongue Turkish, a solid background of English and being fluent in a third language such as French or German are required in order to reach that success. Each student will become an inquisitive individual ready to take firm steps in the future. The Near East College holds students’ happiness above all things and encourages positive interaction between students, parents, teaching staff and the school administration because we believe happiness is the key to success.

If you are looking for a good education in a caring, respectful environment based on discipline and leading to success, come and join the Near East family.