NEC 2013-2014 Maarif Certificate Exam Results

The results of the 2013-2014 Maarif Certificate Exam results, set by the Education Ministry in the month of May have been announced.
The Near East College, like always, scored very high grades in this year’s exam, as an indication of the successfu achievements of our school’s English Department. College Headmaster Işılay Arkan and Head of the English Department Lesey Hakseven have said that “academic success can never be coincidence” and that “it can only be the result of disciplined hard work by an extensively capable team”. They expressed confidence that the success will repeat itself in the coming years.

Name ClassResult
1. Sanem Sertuğ 8C B
2. Alara Deren 8K B
3. Ayşe Özkarataş 8C B
4. Çisem Beyatlı 8E B
5. Şebnem Ece Uyar 8C A
6. Selin İnanıroğlu 8C B
7. Joshua Burton 8D A
8. Mustafa Hayirlar 8C B
9. Kardelen Eren 9E B
10. Özel Baysen 9E B
11. Su Devrim Korukoğlu 9P A
12. Kayla Ramis Girgen 9C A
13. Hamdi Murat Eroğlu 9S B