“Near East College will bring Employment and Prestige to the Region”…Near East Preschool, Primary School and College Officials visited Yeni Erenköy (New Erenkoy) and Büyükkonuk Mayors

Date Added: 13 July 2020, 09:36
Last Updated Date:22 July 2020, 11:02

Officials of the Near East Preschool, Near East Primary School and Near East College, which will start education in Yeniboğaziçi-Famagusta on September 1, 2020, visited Yeni Erenköy Mayor Emrah Yeşilırmak and Büyükkonuk Mayor Ahmet Sennaroğlu, and gave information about the activities of the newly opened Near East Colleges.

Near East University Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan, Near East College Head of Secondary Education Asım İdris and Near East College Primary Education Head Ertan Aligüllü held meetings with Mayors Sennaroğlu and Yeşilırmak and informed about the advantages and mission of the Near East College, which will start education in Yeniboğaz in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tüzünkan: “We will deliver qualified education to children in every corner of our country...”
During the visits, Near East University Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan, who talked about the educational activities, mission and vision of the Near East College, the construction of which was completed in Yeniboğaziçi, said that they are happy to bring in quality education to students of the Famagusta region. Expressing that they aim to equip each individual with the finest possible education based on 42 years of education experience as the first private school in the country, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tüzünkan said, “We are extremely proud and happy to present the educational environment that provides the best background for our students' future lives with a solid and advanced technological infrastructure, experienced and dynamic education staff and a student-oriented education approach.” Stating that they are excited that they have also created job opportunities by employing people from the region, besides quality education. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tüzünkan mentioned that they will continue to pursue their goal of raising generations to build future confidently.

Asım İdris: “With the Cambridge and Edexcel International Programs, we will train generations that know the world, understand each other and are aware of their local values as well as the international values ...”
Asım İdris, the Head of Secondary Education of Near East College, also mentioned that they will raise individuals who are equipped with the needs of the age, with a world-class education program that has a structure that improves cultural and social responsibility. Speaking about the educational opportunities offered by the Near East College, İdris said that Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel curriculum are implemented, German and French are offered as a second foreign language option, one-to-one studies, school reinforcement studies, and accelerated courses are organized in accordance with students levels, and pointed out that IGCSE and GCE exam preparations will be made and that they will raise students who will confidently build future starting from smart classrooms and laboratories.

Ertan Aligüllü: “We invest in the future of our country ...”
Speaking about the educational activities they planned for early childhood, Ertan Aligüllü, the Head of Primary Education of the Near East College, stated that they are excited that the children who will start school for the first time will meet their new friends and teachers. Stating that the bilingual education program has been implemented since the age of 3, Aligüllü said that there is a Turkish kindergarten teacher and a kindergarten teacher whose mother tongue is English, the lessons are conducted in Turkish and English languages, and a Cambridge approved curriculum is applied.

Aligüllü stated that, Besides academic education, Mindfulness, which is Eline Snel method, they will raise individuals with knowledge and skills including robotic coding, second foreign language French as well as social and sports activities. Aligüllü said, “Our school; will prepare our children for their future lives in a warm environment with dedicated administrators, teachers, students, and all employees. We are experiencing the excitement and joy of starting the new academic year with our new students in Yeniboğaziçi.”

Emrah Yeşilırmak: “The socio-cultural development of our region will increase and gain prestige…”
Expressing that it is a great chance for the Near East College to start education in the region, Yeni Erenköy Mayor Emrah Yeşilırmak said that a great opportunity was created for the future of the children. Yeşilırmak: “It is appreciated that the Near East College, which is aware of the fact that the way to be a developed and happy society is through education, provides prestige to the region by investing in the region, providing socio-cultural development, increasing investment and encouraging employment. We are confident that you will act with the responsibility of raising individuals who love their country, who will initiate innovations in society and contribute to the development of creative individuals, who respect the human rights, and who accept individual differences as richness.”

Ahmet Sennaroğlu: "Employment, economic power and prestige will be gained to our Region..."
Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Büyükkonuk Mayor Ahmet Sennaroğlu said that a project that will bring a serious vitality to the region was built and that cultural, artistic, and social studies will be carried out in addition to the educational studies by the Near East College. Noting that the Near East College campus will bring a completely different life and shape to the region, Sennaroğlu said, “We are delighted that the Near East College, which is one of the few schools of the country in terms of educational opportunities and quality, has brought educational experiences to children living in our region. While our children will grow up as qualified individuals who will adapt to contemporary knowledge and technologies through quality education, they will also gain strength and prestige with economic growth, and social development and employment will also increase in our region.”